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It is never too late to learn to swim! Aquastar considers swimming one of the most essential skills to have, regardless of your age and ability. If you have never had the opportunity to learn to swim, don’t fret, you can just as easily pick up this life-changing skill as an adult. We offer different types of swimming lessons for people of every experience level. If you are wanting to learn more about adult swimming lessons, read on!

So, you might be thinking, why should I learn to swim as an adult? Swimming is a skill that is essential at any age, particularly in Australia. As a country that is surrounded by water and many of our past times and hobbies involving water, being able to swim or feel confident in the water is so important! From summer days on the beach or taking your dogs for a walk along the river, swimming teaches you water safety and awareness that can potentially save your or others’ lives. A dangerous situation can occur in the shallowest or smallest body of water. Learn to swim before something happens.

For some, maybe learning to swim has been put on the back burner for too long. It’s time to prioritize swimming before it is too late! Aquastar offers learn to swim crash courses for adults of different abilities and confidence levels. Our learn to swim courses for adults are five consecutive days and we can promise, you’ll leave feeling like a new person!

Are you a complete beginner? We take you through five days of consecutive learning and confidence building. Whether you’re unsure of getting completely submerged or floating, our talented instructors will be there to help you overcome this and get you feeling confident in and around the water!

For those who may feel comfortable in shallow water, but aren’t as confident in swimming particular strokes or small distances, our intermediate beginner classes are perfect to help you develop the skills and confidence to swim shorter distances.

Our advanced beginner swimming lessons will help you incorporate breathing techniques and the correct techniques to help you lead towards swimming longer distances for both your health and safety.

Our wonderful staff at Aquastar are incredibly passionate and supportive of all of our customers and can’t wait to help you take the next step and learn to swim! Like any new skill, repetition and practice make perfect. We understand that five days can be tricky to take time for, but consider these five days an investment in your life, your wellbeing and your health!

We can’t wait to see the progression you make. Call us today to find out more and lock in your spot in our next adult swimming lessons course!

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