3 Reasons to Start Swimming Lessons Now


Learning how to swim is an important life skill – and it’s never too late to start. Whether you’re an adult thinking about taking the plunge or a parent considering introducing their children to the wonderful world of swimming, here are three reasons why you should dive straight in…

1. It’s safer to be a competent swimmer

Australia is a country surrounded by water; summers spent at the beach or the local swimming pool are a way of life for many. Spending time around water is great fun, but it of course comes with its dangers and unfortunately a number of Australians lose their lives each year due to drowning.

Learning how to swim and developing confidence and competence is the best way to improve one’s safety around water. Being able to perform a basic swim stroke, float and tread water are all essential – and they are all skills that can be taught via swimming lessons.

2. Swimming ability allows you to get involved

Spending time around water could be considered part of our culture here in Australia and as such, being able to swim allows you to get involved – whether it’s the school swimming carnival, a day at the beach, taking up surfing lessons or partaking in any other water sport.

Having the ability to say ‘yes’ and get involved ultimately means more fun and the opportunity to meet great people and form lasting friendships! It all starts with learning how to swim.

3. Swimming is great for your health

With more Australian adults sitting sedentary in their line of work and children spending more time behind screens, we can all do with any additional physical activity we can get! Starting swimming lessons is a good way to schedule in some exercise each week.

It’s no secret that swimming is great for your health; it builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, and like most exercise it also has mental health benefits. Nearly all of your muscles are being used when you swim, meaning it provides a great all-body workout. In addition, it’s considered to be a low-impact activity, meaning it can be a good option for those recovering from certain injuries or those living with particular conditions. And because it takes place in water, it’s a great way to ensure you’re still getting enough exercise during the heat of summer without putting unnecessary strain on your body!

Enrol today

If you or your child are looking to start swimming lessons, look no further than Aquastar Swim Schools. Our Learn to Swim program incorporates a range of levels from Infant to Advanced and caters to children of all ages, and we also offer lessons for adults – after all, it’s never too late to improve your swimming! With experienced instructors and great all-weather facilities, there’s no better place to learn; get in touch with our team today and book a lesson.

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