3 Reasons to Start Swimming


Swimming has become one of Australia’s favourite pastimes for a range of reasons. As a nation surrounded by water, many of us grew up spending summers in the pool or at the beach. Additionally, there is a growing number of people who enjoy taking to the pool year round due to the multitude of benefits swimming brings. Whether young or old, looking for a relaxing hobby or a competitive sport, swimming has many benefits to offer. Keep reading for the three biggest reasons you should start swimming on a regular basis.

1. Physical health benefits

The most obvious reason to start swimming is the benefits for your physical health and wellbeing. Swimming is a great workout because the water acts as resistance for your body to work against. Swimming keeps your heart rate up, while also ensuring that there is little impact. This reduces the stress on your body and is one great reason why swimming is ideal for rehabilitation, the frail, or elderly.

Swimming is also an effective method for improving muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. For keen athletes, swimming is essential for maintaining general fitness, muscle strength and versatility in exercise varieties.

Perfect for gradual increases in flexibility, coordination, balance and posture, swimming is effective at improving your overall health as well as your fitness.

Lastly, swimming is a fantastic starting point for those just beginning to enjoy exercise. It is gentle on your body while helping to maintain muscle mass, lose weight and develop cardiovascular fitness. Swimming provides an effective full-body workout that is ideal for those just beginning their fitness journey.

2. Mental health benefits

Unlike many other sports or recreational activities, swimming is considered very relaxing and beneficial for maintaining a positive mental space. Many swimmers find they are able to take much needed time to think and relax while swimming. Studies have shown that swimming has a soothing effect on your body and mind, which many people find is essential in managing stress and anxiety.

Like any other form of exercise, swimming releases endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are a natural hormone that increase positivity and happiness. They are only released due to exercise, which is why exercise is considered a great form of mental health therapy.

The repetitive nature of swimming can become a meditative state for some swimmers, providing the same benefits as regular meditation. The familiarity of the repetitiveness provides comfort, especially for those of us living busy and stressful lives.

3. Safety benefits

While the mental and physical benefits of swimming are important, neither are as essential as the ability to save a life. Strong swimming skills are firstly essential for your own safety. Even non-swimmers never know what situation they may find themselves in – swimming skills may be your ticket out of a sticky situation. Strong swimming skills are very important in a range of emergency situations and here at Aquastar we believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, strong swimming skills may be required to assist or save another person. Particularly for those of us regularly around children, strong swimming skills are an absolute must.

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