4 Swimming Pool Myths Debunked


So many people love swimming, whether it’s for fun or exercise, but there are still some outdated myths that surround swimming and swimming pools. We’re going to debunk the top 4 common myths today!


Myth 1 – Chlorine turns your hair green!

People’s hair may be more likely to get a green tinge from regular swimming if they have bleached blonde hair. However, this is not from the chlorine levels! It’s actually caused by metals in the pool water that helps to control algae growth (eg. copper). Getting a green tint usually only happens over time like if you swim weekly, not just having a quick dip while on your holidays. It’s easy to prevent your hair from being tinted green though! Either wear a swimming cap during your swimming lessons or by thoroughly washing your hair with after swimming to remove all metals & chemicals. Make sure to condition as well to not dry out your hair any further.


Myth 2 – You don’t have to shower before getting in the pool

Everyone needs to wash off before hopping into the pool! Even if you are ‘clean,’ your skin can be covered in lotions, dirt, dead skin cells, etc that will go into the pool if you go in without showering first. This is, of course, unclean and makes the chlorine have to work harder to keep the pool at cleanly levels.


Myth 3 – Peeing in the pool will cause a colour reaction

Untrue! (Although we would like this myth to continue as it deters swimmers from peeing in our pools!) This myth has been popularised by parents who don’t want their kids peeing in the pool and in movies. Even though the colour of the pool won’t change, it is still a dirty habit and not nice for other people that have to share the pool with you. If you need to go, please get out of the pool and go to the bathrooms. Chlorine is still there to help clean pool if there are any accidents though!

Myth 4 – Swimming keeps you hydrated

Exercising in the pool still dehydrates you. You may not notice as much how much you’re sweating while in the pool as the water cools you down & washes away any sweat. You need to drink water as often as you do when doing normal exercise! Make sure to bring a refillable water bottle from home and keep it topped up so that you don’t get dehydrated or more tired than you should be after a swim!

Now that we’ve debunked these myths, you can rest easy coming to Aqustar Swims Schools clean & warm pools! We have 5 locations in Keysborough, Moorabbin, St Kilda, Berwick & Brighton and cater to little swimmers of any level. Call us or fill out an enquiry form to learn more about enrolling your child for 2020!

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