5 Questions to Ask Your Swim Coach


Learning to swim is an important life skill, however for some it becomes a passion. Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we cater for those who want to take the next step and make swimming their sport with our Squad Program. Catering for more advanced swimmers, is provides a pathway to elite competition and places you amongst like-minded individuals — plus it’s great fun!

When you join our Squad Program, it’s not just about listening and learning; asking questions along the way is an important part of the process and our coaches are always happy to help.

So what sort of questions should you be asking your swim coach?


1. How often should I train?

This will depend on your age and your aspirations. Swimmers often have to train very regularly, as the muscles they use are so specific. For land-based sports, the most common component is walking and running, which are natural, everyday movements. Humans aren’t exactly made to naturally swim fast, so you’ll need to work at it!


2. How do I know if I’ve got natural talent?

Aquastar Swim Schools’ Squad Program is deigned to identify talent and transition them into a swimming club if that’s something they are interested in — so our coaches have a good eye for ability. Our Squads work through a planned program, which will help to identify if competitive swimming is something members might like to pursue. Not everyone can be an Olympic swimmer, however that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sport and reach your full potential.


 3. How do I know which is my best stroke?

Developing skills across all four strokes not only makes you a better swimmer, but also helps to identify where your area of talent lies. It could be your current least favourite stroke that eventually becomes your strongest — and consequently, probably also your favourite! Our coaches will be more than happy to talk to you about the importance of swimming all four strokes, as well as how you can determine which one you’re best at.


4. Do I need to undertake further fitness activities outside of the swimming pool?

While the best way to get “swimming fit” is to swim, there are often activities you can undertake away from the pool that will help you in the water. Your coach best knows your ability, strengths and weaknesses, and so they are best placed to give you this type of advice.


5. When am I ready to compete?

Competing can be daunting and it’s certainly not for everyone, but if it’s something you’re interested in it can be great fun. Aquastar Swim Schools’ Squad coaches can help you decide when you’re ready to take the plunge and help you find a swimming club that you can compete with.

If you’re interested in seeing how far you can take your swimming, get in touch with us to find out more about our Squad Program today.

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