5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop Swimming Lessons in Winter


Many parents discontinue their children’s swimming lessons over the winter months, for fear of their children getting sick or the extra effort it takes to do activities when it’s cold and wet outside. But, swimming regularly throughout the year has many benefits for your child. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t stop swimming lessons in the winter months.

Keep fit during Winter

Swimming in Winter helps get your kids out of the house and doing some exercise. Winter can make everyone sluggish but swimming lessons can still be done inside and help them get the exercise they need to keep fit. All Aquastar’s pools are kept at 31C during class times and the air temperature is between 25-26C, ensuring that swimmers are warm and comfortable in the pool during their lessons.

Keep swimming skills up 

When children learn how to swim, repetition and practice are key. To help retain their skills and not regress it is recommended to keep kids swimming all year round. Practising across Winter will keep them confident in their swimming skills and you’ll be more sure of their skills come Summer. You’ll see in a few short months how much further ahead your child is than kids who opted out of lessons during Winter.  

Be ready for Summer fun

Swimming is a staple in the Australian Summer holidays. From going to the beach, pools, fishing, boating, school swimming carnivals, water parks and the list continues. Learning how to swim and being confident around water will keep your child safer and enable them to join in on all the water-related activities they want. If your child keeps swimming in the colder months, you can rest assured that they’ll be ready for those hot days when you want to cool off in the water. 

Accidents around water don’t only happen in Summer

It is a common misconception that drownings only happen in Summer when everyone’s at the pool or beach. However, Royal Life Saving found that 34% of drownings happen in the Autumn and Winter seasons. 

It can actually help boost immunity to colds!

A lot of people think that swimming in the Winter and going outside with wet hair will increase their chance of catching a cold, but that does not have to be the case! Keeping fit and active over Winter can actually help boost your child’s immunity to colds. The best thing to do after a swim is to have a warm shower and then rug up as much as possible. Don’t go outside with wet bathers or towels still on and make sure you cover wet hair. Humans lose most of their body heat from our head, so make sure it’s nice and cosy. 

Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we swim all the way through the Winter term so come and sign up for your class now!


*Reference: Royal Life Saving Report

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