5 Tips for Finding a Quality Swimming Centre or Program


Learning to swim is an important life skill, so it is crucial that you learn how to do it correctly. Whether you are searching for a swim program for your child, or are an adult wishing to develop confidence in the water, there are some key points to consider when choosing a centre.

1. Experienced, qualified instructors are essential

First and foremost, you need a good teacher when learning to swim. It is not just about going through the motions; a skilled instructor will recognise your strengths and weaknesses, and know how to help you make the most out of your time in the water. At Aquastar Swim Schools, our established and trusted Learn to Swim program utilises teachers who have completed either an AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia qualification. Many have also completed additional specialist qualifications, and all hold current Working with Children checks and CPR and Resuscitation certificates.

2. The correct class for your ability

When learning to swim, it is important to make sure that you (or your child) are placed in a class that suits your level. Aquastar Swim Schools assesses all new participants, ensuring you are taught at a level that suits your ability; in addition to a range of levels for children, we also offer swimming lessons for beginner adults.

3. Small class sizes

Learning to swim in a large class can be daunting and it makes it hard to ensure you or your child receive the attention needed to progress in the pool. Small classes help to make sure each participant receives an equal amount of attention; here at Aquastar, we have set class size ratios depending on the level, meaning you will get the most out of your lesson. For those who require additional help, private lessons are also available.

4. Structured lessons and levels

Having a clear path and milestones to reach are important when learning to swim and help to ensure you or your child are progressing. Aquastar’s Learn to Swim program offers a range of levels – Infant, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Squad – helping children in particular to improve and progress as they go. With progress carefully recorded and reports available online, it is easy to see exactly what your child is getting out of their swim lessons.

5. Great facilities

Quality facilities are an important aspect when it comes to learning how to swim – after all, it is difficult to continue progressing in the pool if when you hit winter you or your child are faced with freezing water! Aquastar offers quality pools at five locations – Berwick, Brighton, Keysborough, Moorabbin and St Kilda – and the water temperature is maintained at 31 degrees (for reference, a competition pool is usually kept at a cool 26 degrees), meaning you can remain comfortable and focused on the lesson regardless of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.

If you’d like to know more about the programs on offer at Aquastar Swim Schools, please visit our FAQ page or give us a call on (03) 8551 8077.

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