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Children learn best when they are having fun – don’t we all! Learning to swim is no exception, and while spending time in the pool is inherently fun for most kids, turning the learning component into a game or activity often helps them pick up those key skills just that little bit quicker.

And for kids that find the pool a bit intimidating? Playing games in the water can help build their confidence and comfort level. Games are motivating; they make learning fun and engaging, which can encourage kids to participate in the lessons and be more willing to learn new skills. It’s also possible to design games to focus on specific swimming skills, such as diving, treading water, or swimming strokes, allowing kids to practice and improve these skills in a fun and interactive way.


Here, we take a look at some popular pool games…

Balloon Games: Blow up balloons and have the kids try to move them around in the pool. This will help them improve their buoyancy and treading water skills. For beginner swimmers, this game can be played in a shallow pool so they can build confidence moving through the water.

Marco Polo: A classic pool game that is perfect for swim lessons. Have the kids follow the leader and improve their swimming skills while having fun.

Diving for Rings: Place rings at the bottom of the pool and have the kids dive down to retrieve them. This will help them build their diving skills and confidence.

Duck, Duck, Goose: A classic game that can be played in the pool. This will encourage the kids to swim and improve their coordination.

Treasure Hunt: Hide underwater toys and have the kids search for them. This will encourage them to swim and improve their underwater skills.

Water Tag: A fun variation on the classic game of tag, where the kids chase each other through the water. This will encourage them to swim and build their endurance.

Noodle Jousting: Give the kids pool noodles and have them joust with each other. This will help them build their balance and coordination.

Ball Toss: Have the kids toss a ball to each other while swimming. This will help them improve their swimming skills and coordination.

Swimming Sprint: Have the kids race to the other side of the pool and back. Another game with a competitive spin, it will help them build their speed and endurance.

Relay Races: For more experienced swimmers, divide them into teams and have them race each other. You can include different strokes and techniques to make it more challenging and educational.

By making swim lessons enjoyable through games, kids are more likely to participate, engage, and learn the important skills needed for safe swimming. Additionally, games can help kids develop a lifelong love of the water. Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we’re all about ensuring swimming lessons are enjoyable for everyone! To find out more about our Learn To Swim program, click here.

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