Fun pool toys and games to make swim time more enjoyable for kids


When the mercury rises, spending time by the pool is one of the most enjoyable activities a child can partake in… just being in the water is often enough in itself to light up a smile!

However, there’s no such thing as too much fun – and therefore the introduction of pool toys and games are often very well received. In fact, these can be a great way to encourage continued interest in the water, allowing children to build up confidence and improve their swim skills along the way.

Water pistols

They’ve been around for many years, and they will be around for many years to come… and for good reason! Water pistols are great fun in the pool and can be used to play tag, engage in water gun duels and more, making swim time more enjoyable and interactive.

Dive sticks and rings

Designed to sink to the bottom of the pool, dive sticks and rings are a great way to encourage children to dive down and develop their ability to not only move through the water, but also hold their breath. These pool toys can be used to create games, such as encouraging kids to compete against each other to see who can collect the most. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to take their skills to the next level!

Pool noodles

Pool noodles come in different colours and sizes, and they can be used for various activities, from ‘horse’ races across the pool, to building rafts, engaging in ‘sword’ battles or playing tug-of-war, among other things. Pool noodles are not only great toys, but also handy learning tools when it comes to practising kicking, staying afloat and many other swimming skills.

Water volleyball nets and basketball hoops

If your kids love to play sports, a water volleyball net or basketball hoop is an excellent addition to your pool. These games are perfect for kids who love competition, and they help to improve both hand-eye coordination and swimming skills. Kids can play one-on-one or team games, making it more fun and interactive.

Inflatable pool toys

Inflatable pool toys, such as inflatable animals and rafts, are great additions to the pool. There are many games that can be organised with inflatable toys, from races to sword fights (this is where the pool noodle can again come into play!) and even challenges such as who can stay afloat the longest. However, sometimes giant inflatable toys don’t need an organised game; they are inherently fun, and the only obstacle for children may be wrestling them back from the adults!

No toys needed…

If you’ve run out of space in the pool shed and can’t fathom blowing up yet another inflatable flamingo, rest easy – there are plenty of great pool games out there to keep the kids entertained that don’t require any equipment. From swim races to tag, Marco Polo and Duck-Duck-Goose, there are many games that can be adapted to suit a pool environment. The only limit is your imagination!

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