How our Child Progress Reports Keep you up to Date


Learning to swim is an important skill for children to acquire and generally speaking, the earlier they start the better. Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we offer a clear pathway from infants touching the water for the first time, through to children who are honing the various strokes and showing an interest in competitive swimming.

The progression through these grades is carefully guided by our expert swim instructors, who keep track of each child’s individual progression via Child Progress Reports. These reports detail the level your child is at and how they are progressing, meaning you know exactly how far along the scale your child is in terms of swimming ability. This not only gives you as a parent peace of mind that your child is getting the most out of their lessons and developing their skills, but also means you have an accurate gauge of where your child is at ability-wise. When you’re visiting places where your child will be in the water – such as beach or camping trips – it means you have a good idea of what they’re capable of and where they should and perhaps shouldn’t be swimming. Of course, you can always ask your child – and this will give a great indication of confidence – however, as we know some children will oversell their ability, while others may undersell it. Gaining an instructor’s perspective on their competency level is always a great reference to have alongside your child’s confidence level in the water.

Stepping up the levels

Aquastar Swim Schools has a number of levels depending on a child’s age and ability, and these levels are reflected in our Child Progress Reports.

Beginning at Infant, there are sub-levels for Baby & Parent, Toddler & Parent, and Child & Parent. Next comes the Beginner levels, of which there are three. For children that start early and complete the Infant levels, by age three they should be able to meet criteria for Beginner 1 and step directly up to Beginner 2; Beginner 1 is designed for children starting out in the pool who perhaps didn’t have lessons as an infant. Following Beginner level is Intermediate, where again there are three sub-levels. By the time children reach Advanced level, it’s time to hone the varying techniques associated with different strokes, and from there any children interested in becoming competitive swimmers can take part in Aquastar’s Squad lessons.

Aquastar instructors continuously assess all swimmers and will move them to the next level as soon as they believe they are ready; it’s important to remember than not every child develops their swimming skills at the same rate, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little longer.

Tracking progress

When you join the Aquastar Swim Schools team, your child’s level and all their progress information is available for you to view on our Parent Portal – you will be provided with log in details, allowing you to access and track their progress at any time.

For more information about our Learn To Swim levels, click here.

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