How to Teach your Child to be Comfortable and Safe in the Water


Swimming is an essential life skill that can bring a lot of joy, help develop fitness and improve one’s safety. As a parent, it’s essential to teach your child how to be comfortable and safe in the water – but what is the best way to go about it?

Naturally, children are all different and therefore they learn in different ways; taking this into account, it’s important to remember that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to building a child’s confidence and competence around water.

Start early

It’s no secret that the earlier a child begins to learn a certain skill, the more proficient they are likely to become. Young children are like sponges and therefore beginning to learn a skill before they’ve had any negative experiences (which can allow fear or lack of confidence to hold them back) means they are more likely to pick it up sooner.

You can introduce your child to water as early as six months of age by taking them to infant swim classes at Aquastar Swim Schools. These classes offer a fun and interactive way for your child to explore the water while developing essential water safety skills from the get-go.

Kids just want to have fun!

Making swimming fun is crucial to building your child’s confidence and ensuring they enjoy the experience. Start by introducing your child to the water in a safe and comfortable environment, and use toys, games and songs to make the experience more engaging and enjoyable. Children are far more likely to better engage with an activity when having fun – and in the pool this means they are more likely to gain competence and confidence quicker!

Ensure they understand basic water safety

Of course, pool time can’t be all fun and games – there does need to be an emphasis placed on understanding the critical aspects of water safety. This may include setting certain boundaries and rules when around the water, such as only swimming with an adult present, never going into the water alone, never running around the edge of the pool, never diving into shallow water, and so forth.

Enrol in swimming lessons

One of the best ways to ensure your child is comfortable and safe in the water is to enrol them in professional swimming lessons. Aquastar Swim Schools provide lessons for kids of all ages and abilities, helping them to acquire and develop this critical life skill. For more information regarding Aquastar’s Learn to Swim program, click here.

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