Practice Tips & Exercises for Beginner Swimmers


If you want to keep your child active and swimming while Aquastar Swim School isn’t on, keep reading for some of how tips on how to keep the up the consistency of learning how to swim over the holidays. We also offer Holiday Intensive Courses, call (03) 8551 8077 or ask your swim teacher to find out more!

Get comfortable in different kinds of water

When the weather gets warmer make sure your child gets used to being in different kinds of swimming environments including shallow pools, deep pools, busy pools, wavy beaches, lakes, rivers and more. Always have them in arms reach and show them how each of these water environments can be fun in different ways. 

Use engaging with toys and games!

Practice their diving form with diving sticks and other heavy toys that sink to the bottom, have races between kids on who can swim the fastest, who can hold their breath underwater the longest, etc. 

Have the right equipment and supervision

Summer can be a great time for pool parties, always make sure that there is a responsible adult watching the children around the pool at all times. Making sure that your child has the right equipment such as well-fitting goggles and a comfortable swim cap. If your child doesn’t like getting water up their nose or in their ears, try a nose clip or earplugs to help. 

Practice, practice, practice!

Practice the basics such as floating, kicking and breathing. Parents usually won’t be swimming experts, so practice the basic with your children over the holidays. Practice makes perfect! Practice floating on their backs and stomachs and hold on to the side of the pool to practice kicking with straight legs and pointed toes. Help them practice breathing by blowing bubbles and getting into a rhythm while practicing a simple stroke, like freestyle. Try reading our other blog post ‘How to Improve Your Breathing Technique’ for more help on how to breathe correctly.   

Use floatation devices to build confidence

Get a floatation device like a kickboard or pool noodle. Let them hold the device in front of them and push off from the wall. They should scissor kick with their legs straight behind them and practice rotating their head from side to side to breath. Try it as a race with other kids or even join in yourself if they get bored.

Keep swimming fun!

Swimming doesn’t always have to be practising technique and breathing, even just being and playing in the water can help build your child’s confidence and swimming ability.

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