The Importance of Swimming All Year Round


As we are plunged into the darkness of winter, the idea of jumping into a pool is less appealing. Wet hair, cold skin, the mad dash from the car inside. Whilst the cold may be slightly off-putting, the benefits of swimming all year round certainly outweigh the negatives! Swimming is an important, life-saving and healthy skill to develop and foster at all times, not just when the sun is shining and the weather is warm! Keep reading to find out why swimming all year round is important and three reasons why you should swim regularly!

Swimming is an incredible way to keep fit and healthy. During summer, lots of Australians flock to bodies of water to cool off. We often see many people come into Aquastar to brush up on their swimming skills in the lead up to summer, which is awesome! However, we are huge advocates for maintaining your swimming and time in the water year-round! In winter, we often get restless and reduce the amount of time spent exercising. Swimming is a fantastic way to keep active, whilst being indoors away from the rain! 

So, we’re sure you are wondering what other benefits swimming year-round has? Wonder no more! Here a few of the best:

  • Develop your skills

Swimming has a proven ability to develop and strengthen your coordination, core strength and balance. Especially in children, swimming is an amazing way to help further motor skills and concentration. If you are avoiding swimming lessons or getting in the pool for some laps over winter, you are effectively missing out on 6 months of developing stronger and more efficient skills, and potentially hindering your ability to be safe around the water in summer. Even one to two swims a week is enough to maintain the most important lifesaving skill you’ll ever learn!

  • No more cabin fever!

Dark and cold days often ruin our grand weekend plans to get out and be active! Swimming is a perfect way to cure the boredom of being stuck at home. Especially for the kids, heading to the pool is a great way to get them active and to socialise with other kids in their swimming lessons. Having confidence and the ability to be safe around the water is a skill that is not exclusively a summer necessity! Maintaining regular swimming and water time over winter will also ensure your kids are prepared and ready for the summer months.

  • Stay healthy

If you are swimming year-round, you are maintaining and increasing your fitness levels! The beauty of swimming is how incredible it is for your cardiovascular system, balance and overall health. In winter, our immune defences are often down, encouraged by the cold. Having higher fitness levels will build a strong immune system and help you ward off any nasty colds or the flu. Maintain your swimming and your child’s swimming lessons over winter and stay healthy!

So, what’s stopping you from diving into the pool this winter? Aquastar Swim Schools are open year-round and offer swimming lessons for people of all ages and abilities. Get in contact with our awesome team today and get ready to swim!

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