Fun and Effective Water Games to Enhance Kids’ Swimming Skills


Swimming is not just a life skill; it can be great fun as well! For children, mastering swimming skills can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By infusing learning with play, parents and teachers can transform the pool into a vibrant playground where children eagerly hone their aquatic abilities.

Here are some fun and effective water games designed to enhance kids’ swimming skills while keeping them entertained and engaged…

Treasure hunt: Scatter a variety of pool-safe objects – such as colourful diving rings, toys, or even coins – across the pool floor. Encourage children to dive down and retrieve as many treasures as they can. This game not only improves their diving and breath-holding skills but also boosts their confidence as they conquer the depths in search of hidden ‘treasures’.

“Simon says swim”: Put a swimming twist on this classic game by incorporating different strokes and techniques. For example, “Simon says swim freestyle to the other side,” or “Simon says float on your back like a starfish.” By following instructions while swimming, children not only refine their skills but also learn to listen and respond to cues – a crucial skill in terms of swimming safety.

Noodle relay races: There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition! Divide children into teams and provide each team with a pool noodle. Designate a start and finish line, and challenge them to race across the pool using only the noodle as a floatation device. This game improves kicking technique and endurance while fostering a spirit of friendly competition and teamwork. This game can of course be replicated with kick boards and other floatation devices, and then once children become more competent swimmers these devices can be replaced by different swim strokes. Next stop, the Olympic 4 x 100m relay!

Splash target practice: Set up targets on the pool deck using floating objects or colourful markers. Have children stand at a designated distance from the targets and take turns splashing water to hit them. Adjust the distance or size of the targets to accommodate different skill levels. This game improves hand-eye coordination and breath control while adding an element of excitement to swimming practice.

Water polo: Contrary to popular belief that water polo is a cut-throat game (cue the infamous 1956 Melbourne Olympic match), it can actually be adapted to provide a “Fun in the Water” match for younger children with the help of soft balls and simplified rules. Divide children into teams and set up goals at opposite ends of the pool. Players must swim and pass the ball to teammates in an attempt to score goals. This game improves swimming speed, agility, and teamwork while fostering strategic thinking and sportsmanship.

Incorporating these fun and effective water games into swimming lessons not only enhances children’s skills but also nurtures their love for the water. By blending learning with play, parents and teachers can create an enriching swimming experience where children eagerly dive into the joys of swimming, one splash at a time.

At Aquastar Swim Schools, qualified swim teachers know how to make learning fun. Aquastar’s Learn To Swim program offers classes for all ages and levels, and with many games incorporated into the lessons you can rest assured your child will look forward to their time in the pool!

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