What do you need to pack for swim lessons?


If you’re coming to Aquastar Swim Lessons for the first time you might not know what you need to bring to your child’s swimming lesson. Here are the essentials and some extras that help make swim lessons a breeze for you.


Of course, these are essential for a swim,  Girls in Aquastar classes should wear a one-piece bathing suit while boys wear trunks. Rash vests and board shorts aren’t recommended as they can create drag and make swimming harder!

Swimming caps

Swim caps are essential for every swimmer at Aquastar Swim School above child & parent classes. Everyone needs to wear one no matter how short or long your hair. The caps keep your hair out of your face and protect it too. Additionally, they also protect your ears from getting water in them, reduce drag while swimming, protect your head when it’s cold outside the pool. Make sure the swimming cap fits snugly but not too tightly to the point where it hurts. Aquastar branded swimming caps can be bought from our schools if you forget yours and need one before you start class.


Not everyone needs goggles but many children get used to swimming faster with them on. Goggle help to avoid accidents as you can see better while swimming and helps to avoid eye irritation from the pool water.

Big Warm Fluffy Towel

Also a necessity to dry off in after a shower!

Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated guys! Swimming can make you feel like you’re not sweating and exercising as hard as you are, but you do still need to keep your water levels up.

A Snack

Exercising makes you hungry, plan ahead and bring your child some orange slices, apples & peanut butter, a muesli bar or another healthy snack.

Spare Change of Clothes or a Robe

Especially when its cold outside, its best to bring a change of clothes and a warm robe for the walk to the car. You could also bring a beanie and gloves if its extra cold. It’s best not to go home in your bathers straight from class as you should shower after class to remove chlorine and reduce your risk of getting a cold.

Spare Hair Ties, Clips and Wet Brush

Trust us, if your child has long hair this is a lifesaver if accidentally forget to bring hair products, you don’t want to deal with those knots tomorrow!


Let us know of any tips and tricks you have to make swimming lessons easier. Plus, make sure you’re signed up for Term 1 of Aquastar Swim classes! Give us a call today on (03) 8551 8077 to secure your spot!

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