What should I look for in a swimming instructor?


When you are looking for a swimming instructor or swim school to dive in and start lessons with, it can get overwhelming! Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we believe the most important things to look for in a swimming instructor is their skills, qualifications and personality! To be a great swimming instructor, you need to have the skills and experience to work with people of all ages and abilities. Here are some of the top qualities you should look for in a swimming instructor.

1. Their qualifications 

In Victoria, there are several qualifications and certifications that swimming instructors require to be able to teach and instruct in the pool. It is incredibly important that you or your child are learning one of the most crucial lifesaving skills from a trusted and knowledgeable source. All swimming instructors at our swim school are required to have adequate accreditations, up to date CPR and first aid and of course, a burning passion to help teach people to swim! At Aquastar, we hire only the best, so you can be sure that whoever is taking the lead in your swimming lessons, they are qualified and prepared for anything.

2. Dedication to progress 

Great swimming instructors are made even better with solid, thought out lesson plans and repetition of important skills. On your search for a great swimming instructor, look for someone who is organised and thoughtful in their approach to teaching their class. Having dedicated lesson plans or swim sessions such as one week being focussed on stroke styles and the next on pace, you are more likely to show progress and develop stronger and more efficient swimming skills.

3. Awesome people skills

An amazing swimming teacher needs to be able to communicate with people of all ages. Whether they’re teaching an infant and parents class, teaching adults how to swim for the first time or anyone in between, the instructor needs to be able to articulate clear and informative instructions. Regardless of your swimming instructor’s experience and knowledge, a personable, fun instructor is going to have much more of a positive impact than one without. 

There are so many more factors to consider when searching for a swimming instructor! Swimming lessons and choosing the right teacher for your child or you shouldn’t be a hard decision. At Aquastar you can be confident in your choice, as all of our brilliant team are passionate and excited to pass on their knowledge to everyone who steps into the pool. If you are looking for swimming lessons for any age and ability, contact us today!

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