What you Need to Start Swimming


If you or your child are about to start swimming lessons, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. From a suitable bathing suit through to a post-swim snack, here are eight things to pack when you depart for the pool…

1. A swimsuit

Bathers are obviously an essential if you or your child plan to start taking swimming lessons. We recommend one-piece bathers without a rash vest or board shorts; while these additional items are great to keep the sun off at the beach, they can create extra drag when in the water and therefore are not the ideal outfit when learning to swim in a pool.

2. Goggles

It’s of course possible to swim without goggles, however many find it more comfortable to use them. You can not only see better in the water, but also avoid any eye irritation that could occur due to the salt and chlorine.

3. Swimming cap

There are many advantages to wearing a swimming cap while in the pool. It not only reduces drag, but also keeps hair out of your face, protects it from the pool water, and also keeps it dry – so you don’t need to wash it when you get home! Caps also help to keep the water out of your ears.

4. Towel

When you or child hop out of the pool at the end of a swimming lesson, you’re going to need a towel to dry off before getting changed and heading home.

5. Change of clothes

In the heat of summer you might relish jumping back into a hot car in wet bathers, however for much of the year here in Victoria you or your child are likely to want a nice dry change of clothes to wear home following your lesson.

4. Water bottle and a post-swim snack

Swimming is thirsty work – and it’s also likely to induce hunger from all that expended energy! Bringing a healthy post-lesson snack alongside something to drink is essential.

8. A positive attitude!

You will always get a little more out of life if you have a positive, can-do attitude – and the same applies to swimming. Turn up with a thirst to listen, learn and ask questions is always helpful, and remember that learning to swim is a steady building of confidence and competence; you or your child may not be swimming lightning-fast laps after your first lessons, but with positivity and persistence most goals are achievable!

Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we’re always happy to help ensure you’re prepared for your time in the pool. Our experienced instructors can assist with any questions you might have, and if you accidentally forget something – such as a swim cap – we have some available to fill the void!

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