Why are swimming lessons important?


There are many reasons why swimming lessons are important, for both children and adults. It is vital that each person has the ability to navigate the water safely, both for their own wellbeing and those around them. Swimming is the only sport that teaches you life saving skills, which is one main reason it is so important. Additionally, there are all the usual benefits of fitness, health, coordination, mental health and socialisation. Read on for a comprehensive list of the different reasons that swimming lessons are important.


 1. Swimming lessons save lives

Water can be dangerous, and it is imperative that adults and children learn the necessary skills to navigate it safely. All water activities carry an inherent risk of drowning, but children are particularly at risk. In 2012-2013, there were 40 deaths of children aged 0 to 14 years by drowning in Australia. Swimming pools were where 90% of the deaths occurred, with almost every death occurring while unsupervised. We can all see that these numbers are unsatisfactory. Swimming lessons are the best way to massively decrease the risk of drowning. Swimming lessons may also give your child, or an adult, the skills they need to assist others in the water when needed. Or, swimming lessons may give a child or adult the knowledge and ability to spot a swimmer in trouble, and know who to ask for help. Both of these reasons demonstrate that swimming lessons should be prioritised above many other activities, due to its lifesaving consequences.


2.  Improve fitness

Swimming is a great way to become physically fit and healthy, whether an adult or child. Swimming is a great workout because the water acts as resistance for your body to work against. Swimming keeps your heart rate up, while also being low impact. This reduces the stress on your body and is one great reason why swimming is ideal for rehabilitation, the frail, or elderly. Swimming is also an effective method for improving muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. For keen athletes, swimming is great for maintaining general fitness, muscle strength and versatility in exercise varieties. Perfect for gradual increases in flexibility, coordination, balance and posture, swimming is effective at improving your overall health as well as your fitness.


3. Mental health and confidence

Swimming can benefit you or your child’s mind in a multitude of ways. Firstly, the confidence gained both on land and in water can do wonders for mood, learning abilities and general self confidence. Being comfortable and confident in the water means that you are likely to feel more confident in the wider world. Additionally, the mental health benefits of swimming are very well documented. Many find they experience mental peace when swimming, allowing them to process, think, and relax. This is often described as a meditative state.


4. A life skill

In Australia, swimming is essential for full participation in the community over summer. Swimming lessons ensure you are comfortable and confident to attend days at the beach, on a boat, around a pool or in a creek. This means you will be set for life, and able to enjoy a fully developed social life.

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