Why Baby & Parent Classes are Beneficial


Babies are born with no fear of water, research has shown that babies should not go swimming in public pool settings until about 6 months. Before this, it is always great to get your baby used to water during bath time and making it a fun experience, including with bath toys, splashing and games. Always keep in mind that although baby & parents classes have many benefits and make your child more confident in the water, no one is ‘drown-proof.’ Have your child at an arms reach at all times around water, it doesn’t matter if they’ve been swimming since they were 6 months or from 4 years.

Swimming can help your baby sleep and eat better

Swimming is a gentle exercise for little babies and uses up some of their seemingly endless energy. The exercise that swimming can give will help them sleep better at night due to them actually being tired. Make sure to pack a bottle (or snacks if they’re on solids) to feed them after class as they will be hungry! 

Improves coordination & balance

Floating in the water allows for a safe environment for babies to learn how to move freely and balance their weight. Moving their arms in a ‘swimming’ motion helps to develop their catching and grasping skills too. 

Fun baby & parent bonding time

Swimming classes can help you and your baby bond and is just a fun activity for you to do together. Swimming, in general, is relaxing and the calm, nurturing environment of our baby classes are perfect for your baby to get used to the water, cuddle and splash with you. Sharing new and rewarding experiences like swimming lessons will help you & your baby to grow your loving bond and increase their general self-esteem. It also gives you & your baby some socialisation and playtime with other babies, which is always great. If you are not the most confident in the water, baby and parent classes will be great for you as they’re only done in the shallows and can help you build your water confidence as we go along.


Grow confidence around water & build muscles


Swimming is a full body, gentle exercise. This helps to strengthen and develop your baby’s heart, brain, lungs and blood vessels. Swimming lessons help increase confidence and security in and around water. They also learn vital water survival skills that could save their life! Especially teaching them that they should only go into the water with trusted adult supervision.  

Aquastar Swim School offers baby and parent classes from 6 months onwards. Our classes start off being 30 minutes long to get you and your baby acclimatised to the water gently. Between 6 months – 12 months our classes introduce the baby to the water and necessary safety skills through games, singing and playing. Increase your child’s confidence around water by learning basic water skills like breath control, kicking, and floating in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Between 12 months – 2 years our toddler and parent classes are more structured and emphasise developing your child’s body position in the water and crucial survival skills. This class will also help with achieving independent movements and improving their kicking skills.

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