Why do I Want to be a Swim Instructor?


If you’ve always harboured an innate love of the water and swimming comes second nature, then chances are you’ve considered becoming a swim instructor. Here at Aquastar Swim Schools, we are often on the look out for new instructors to join the team — and here are five reasons why you should consider it!


1. Job satisfaction

Swimming is an important life skill; it not only saves lives, but also improves them through developing greater confidence to enjoy time in the water. As an instructor, there is also the satisfaction of watching students develop and grow in their ability.


2. Flexibility

Swim teachers are usually employed to work casual hours, and these hours are commonly evenings and weekends. For some, this schedule means they are able to attend university during the day, work in another capacity, or even spend the time enjoying recreational activities.


3. Communication skills

Swim teaching is not just about swimming; being an instructor allows you to develop a range of skills that are transferable to many other vocations. When teaching, communication is key — not only in terms of providing students with instructions, but also in terms of building trust and rapport.


4. Facility access

If you’re interested in becoming a swimming instructor, chances are you love swimming and perhaps even have goals of your own in the pool. As an instructor, you will have access to AquaStar Swim Schools’ fantastic facilities — giving you the opportunity to spend more time in the water.


5. Career progression

While for many swim teaching is a great casual job that fits in well with other activities such as studying, for some it can become a lifelong career. Teaching people how to swim is just the beginning; some instructors decide to go on and become coaches, helping dedicated squad swimmers to learn new strokes, improve their times and reach their competitive goals.

So you’ve decided you want to be a swimming instructor… what next? 

Generally, most instructors complete either the AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia course, as well as a first aid certificate and Working with Children Check. If you want to know more about becoming a swim instructor, get in touch with Aquastar Swim Schools today — we’re often on the lookout for new faces to join our team, whether you’re an experienced coach or someone who’s new to the industry! For more information about joining our team, click here.

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