Why Learning to Swim is Important


With a coastline of approximately 34,000km and over 10,000 beaches, there’s no denying that Australian’s love the water! From our sunny beaches to tranquil lakes and the humble backyard pool, much of our lives are spent around water, which is why learning the essential skill of swimming is so important!

There are many reasons why swimming lessons are important for people of all ages. Navigating the expansive bodies of water we are so lucky to have in Australia is a skill that encourages safety for both the individual and those around them. Whether you are young or old, or somewhere in between, want to start swimming competitively or just to get your body moving, there are SO many reasons why you should learn to swim!

Here are a few reasons why learning to swim is so important!


Swimming is essential to safety

There is an inherent risk to being around water, from injuries to drowning, being safe around the water is incredibly important. There are an estimated 320,000 drowning deaths worldwide, most of those unintentional. Strong swimming skills are imperative for your own safety, as well as the safety of others. You never know when you might find yourself or others in danger around water, here at Aquastar we believe swimming to be an essential life skill!

Additionally to this, the skills you learn whilst swimming (like how to spot someone in danger), may carry over to other facets of your life. Learning to swim should be a high priority for all Australian.


Improves fitness

Getting your body moving is incredibly important for both your body and your mind. Swimming is a great way to work out your whole body and cardiovascular system, without impacting your joints and ligaments as traditional cardio can. A perfect way to gradually improve on your coordination and posture, the fitness benefits of swimming will carry over into your mental wellbeing too!

Some consider lap swimming a form of meditation. If you are finding it hard to switch off after a busy day at work, why don’t you pop down to your local pool and give swimming a go?


Increases confidence

Swimming can benefit you in so many different ways like we’ve discussed, from being able to be safe around water and improving your mental and physical health. Alongside being a great way to unwind and de-stress your mind, the skill of swimming can lead to an increase of confidence, both in and out of the water. Being comfortable near and in water will open you up to so many more opportunities, such as exploring a hidden waterfall or trying out a new water sport like diving! Here at Aquastar, we love people of all ages exploring their newfound confidence when they’re learning to swim.

And finally, swimming is fun!! Swimming and playing near water are essential for Australians, particularly in summer. The lifelong skill of swimming will teach you confidence, mindfulness and most importantly, safety around water. If you want to learn to swim, sharpen your skills or just get back into the pool, contact Aquastar today!

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