Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim


The number one reason to teach a child to swim is simple: it all comes down to safety. Drowning remains one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, and it’s therefore important that your child is equipped with adequate water safety skills from an early age.

As an island nation, being near water is quite often part and parcel of everyday life here in Australia. Coupled with hot summers, it’s an Australian rite of passage to spend time at the local beach or pool growing up – and as idyllic as this is, it does bring with it the risk of drowning. By introducing children to water in a controlled environment at an early age and teaching them how to float, tread water and master basic swimming strokes, they gain confidence and an ability to either avoid or counteract any issues they may encounter in the water. The ability to keep afloat and remain calm, rather than panic, can be the difference between life and death when accidents occur in the water – especially in the ocean.

Many benefits

Safety aside, there are many other benefits to children learning how to swim. Firstly, it’s great fun; children usually love being able to get in the water and play – and learning how to swim facilitates this. Swimming lessons are also a great way to meet new friends, and of course mastering skills in the pool is an excellent way to build confidence.

Swimming is an brilliant activity for improving fitness; it aids in cardiovascular health, boosts strength and flexibility, helps improve balance and posture, and increases stamina. It has also been found that swimming helps children to develop their gross motor skills, especially for those that start very young. With Australian children reportedly spending an ever-increasing amount of time partaking in sedentary activities (that is, ‘screen time’), consciously electing to engage them in physical activity has never been more important.

Learning how to swim also opens up a whole new world of other water sports and activities for your child to try, such as surfing, yachting, kayaking and canoeing, scuba diving and snorkelling, triathlons and more.

Start early

It is a good idea to start early and enrol your children in swimming lessons when they are young, as the sooner they are able to acquire some water safety skills the better. At Aquastar Swim Schools, we offer lessons for infants through to older children (and even adults); in fact, children as young as six months can take part in our Baby & Parent classes. Many parents find that infant swimming classes – which are conducted with parents included – are a great way to have some special one-on-one time with their children, and for toddlers it’s the perfect way to help burn up some of their boundless energy… making life that little bit easier come bedtime!

Our structured program helps children of all ages and abilities progress their capabilities in the water. Coupled with small class sizes and high-quality instruction, you can rest assured your child is gaining the swimming skills they require at Aquastar.

For more information regarding our Learn to Swim program, click here.

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