Frequently Asked Questions
How much do lessons cost?

Each swim lesson costs $22 per week, with lessons paid for on a per term basis. Terms are usually between nine and eleven weeks long. Fees are payable before the start of the new term. We currently accept payments via cash, Ezipayment, or direct deposit only.

Can my child join Aquastar if the term has already started?

New enrolments are accepted throughout each term, if availability allows. Your term fee will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

How long is each swim lesson?

All our lessons, from infant swimming through all levels of Learn to Swim, are 30 minutes long. Once your child progresses through to Junior Squad, lessons increase to 45 minutes, and 60 minutes at Squad level.

How many children are in a class?

We limit the size of each class to ensure that each child receives an equal amount of attention from the instructors. Our teacher student ratios for each level are as follows:

– Infant swimming (maximum 1:8)
– Beginner 1 – Intermediate 1 (maximum 1:4)
– Intermediate 2 – Intermediate 3 (maximum 1:5)
– Advanced 1 – Advanced 3 (maximum 1:6)
– Junior Squad (maximum 1:6)

Speak to the Deck Supervisor at your preferred location about the size of training groups at Squad level.

What happens if my child misses a class?

All absences must be notified of via the Customer Portal (please contact our Customer Service team at if you are not registered).

Group Lessons: Swimmers are entitled to two make-up lessons per term, upon giving 6 hours notice of absence prior to the class. Make-up lessons need to be scheduled at least 6 hours ahead of time, and no more than one week in advance. They are dependent on availability, with no guarantee offered. Make-up lessons can be scheduled at any of Aquastar Swim School’s locations (not just your regular location). If you child is injured or suffering from an extended illness, you should contact us immediately to evaluate the situation.

Private Lessons: Swimmers are permitted a maximum of two lesson credits (50% of the lesson fee) per term, upon 24 hours notification of absence prior to the class. No lesson credits are given for lessons missed without 24 hours notification of absence prior to the class.

Please refer to our detailed Make-Up Lesson Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information.

Does Aquastar offer private lessons?

Yes, Aquastar offers private lessons. For information regarding private lessons, please contact us.

Does Aquastar offer Adult lessons?

Yes, Aquastar has an Adult swimming program that is run at our Moorabbin pool. It’s never too late to learn to swim. Whether you are a complete beginner or want some stroke correction our instructors can assist you. For information regarding Adult lessons, please contact us.

Are Aquastar instructors qualified?

Yes, they are. All Aquastar instructors have completed either an AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia qualification. Many have also completed additional specialist qualifications, including AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics, AUSTSWIM Competitive Strokes, AUSTSWIM Access and Inclusion, and AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults extension courses. All staff also hold current Working with Children checks and current CPR and Resuscitation qualifications.

How long does it take for my child to move up a level?

Our instructors and assessment team continuously assess all swimmers, and will move them to the next level as soon as they believe they are ready. This can happen at any stage during each term, but it is important to remember that each child will learn new skills at different rates, so some will progress to new levels faster than others. If you have any concerns or queries about the rate at which your child is progressing, you can discuss these with the Deck Supervisor on duty.

How are the Infant swimming lessons structured?

Our Infant swimming lessons, run at our Moorabbin and St Kilda pools, are broken into three phases, with each phase involving both the child and the parent. The first phase is Baby & Parent, designed as an introduction to water and safety skills for babies aged 6 to 12 months. The second phase, Toddler & Parent, is designed for toddlers aged 12 months to 2 years and introduces a more structured class environment with new skills being taught. Finally, the Child & Parent phase is intended for children aged 2 to 3 years old and is focused on water independence and more advanced swimming techniques. All phases of Infant swimming lessons are limited to a maximum of 8 children per class. For more information on the Infant levels, see our Learn to Swim page.

What does the Squad program involve?

In addition to introducing swimmers to the four competitive strokes, and helping to improve speed and technique, our Squad program also serves as an elite pathway into Swim Clubs for students who wish to pursue competitive swimming further. Our Squad program was designed in collaboration with gold medallist, Kelly Stubbins, and is led by dedicated coaches.

At both Junior Squad and Squad level, our coaches work through a planned program in each term, with a week in each term dedicated to one of the four competitive strokes, and time trials throughout. At Junior Squad level, the focus is on improving each of the strokes, increasing distance, but still maintaining form. At Squad level, swimmers continue to develop technique, with focus being on increasing speed, efficiency, and endurance. Race techniques are also introduced at Squad level. To learn more, check out our Squad page.

Can I cancel my child’s enrolment or change lesson times?

You may cancel your child’s enrolment at any stage, for whatever reason. If the term has already started, you will be refunded for all remaining lessons, minus a small non-refundable deposit and administration fee. If you find the day and/or time of your child’s swimming lesson is unsuitable, you can request a change in day and/or time. However, there is no guarantee that your request will be approved, as it is always subject to the availability of space. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for all the terms and conditions.

Are lessons also scheduled during school holidays?

All swim school terms are scheduled to coincide with school terms, with no regular swimming lessons happening during school holidays or on public holidays. However, we do have a separate Holiday Intensive Program. Holiday intensives are a great way to refine your swimmer’s skills and get some fast progress. For more information,  check out our Holiday Intensive page.

How warm are the pools?

Very! We operate our pools at 31 degrees during class times, ensuring that the children are warm but comfortable while in the water. To give an idea of the warmth, a competitive 50m pool operates at 26 degrees – this can feel pretty chilly!

Are your pools salt water?

Our Moorabbin pool is salt water chlorinated. Salt water assists with less skin and eye irritations, reduces the unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine, is softer on the skin, and has mild antiseptic properties.

Is parental supervision a requirement for each swim class?

All children enrolled in our Learn to Swim program must be accompanied by a parent or guardian older than 16 years while at the swim school centre. They must also be collected by a parent or guardian at the end of each lesson and cannot be left unattended at the pool side. No child may enter the water until a teacher is present. Note, due to COVID these requirements can change subject to Government directives.

Can I take photos or film my child while they are training?

We do not allow parents or guardians to photograph or film any swimming classes at any of our locations, even if limited to their own child. We understand you might want to document your child’s progress at times, but this will only be allowed under special circumstances, and only with the express permission of the swim school office, and the parents or guardians of the children attending the same class as your child. You may occasionally see our staff photographing or filming some lessons, but this is only ever used for in-house training and cannot be distributed or shared with any parent.

Can I see my child’s progress reports?

Your child’s level and all their progress information is available for you to view on our Customer Portal. Contact our Customer Service team at if you don’t have a login.


Book in for your TRIAL LESSON today…


Aquastar Swim Schools’ Learn to Swim classes are set by ability rather than age, which is why we assess every child’s ability to ensure they begin swimming at the correct level.


During your trial lesson we will conduct a quick Learn to Swim Assessment. This will only take 5-10 minutes where the instructor will ask your child to perform a few simple tasks in the water. This will ensure they are then enrolled into the right class for their skill level.

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