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The Keysborough pool is an olympic sized pool divided into two 25m pools, 8 lanes in each pool. Our Learn to Swim program here caters to children ages 3 years plus, with a specialised Squad program running Tuesday and Fridays every hour on the hour starting at 4pm.

Aquastar Calendar 2021
Start Date End Date
School Holiday Program 4 January 22 January
Term 1 27 January 1 April
School Holiday Program 6 April 16 April

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What equipment should my child have?

While some relevant equipment is provided for lower level swimming lessons at Keysborough, there are other items that parents need to ensure their children have. These include:

  • A swimming cap, and swimming goggles. These must accompany your child – and be worn – for each swimming class at Keysborough. The swimming cap helps maintain the quality of the pool water and can prevent longer hair from getting in swimmers’ eyes. Swimming goggles improve visibility under water, and also prevents eyes from becoming irritated. This does not apply to infant swimming lessons.
  • Girls should wear a one-piece swimming costumes, and boys should wear short trunks. Boardshorts and rash vests are discouraged as they create drag and can make swimming harder for inexperienced swimmers.
  • Infants and toddlers should be fitted with a swimming nappy, and the parent or guardian accompanying them may wear a t-shirt or rash vest.
  • Children at Advanced 3 level and up are required to purchase a Squad Pack, either from Aquastar or a swimming equipment provider. A Squad Pack includes a wet bag, swimming cap, kickboard, pull buoy, and fins.

A water bottle is always useful, particularly for children at higher levels, but these should also be provided by parents or guardians as they are not available at Aquastar Swim School Keysborough.

Instructor qualifications at Aquastar Swim School Keysborough

All instructors teaching kids swimming lessons and baby swimming lessons at Keysborough are fully trained, holding either AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia qualifications. Many Aquastar Swim School instructors also have specialised qualifications relating to toddler and special needs classes, along with qualifications relating to adult classes and competitive stroke coaching. All staff, not only those involved with children’s swimming lessons at Keysborough, also hold current Working with Children checks, and CPR and Resuscitation qualifications. When children learn to swim in Keysborough, they are not only safe, but also receive the very best training.

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