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    Mon-Thu: 3.30pm-7.00pm
    Fri: 9.00am-12.00pm / 3.30pm-7.00pm
    Sat & Sun: 8.30am-1.00pm / 1.30pm-4.00pm

  • Infant Lessons – Baby & Parent, Toddler & Parent, Child & Parent
  • Learn to Swim – Beginner to Advanced
  • Junior Squad and Squad
  • Adult Lessons
  • Schools Program
  • Private Lessons
Aquastar Calendar 2022
Start Date End Date
Term 1, 2022 31 January 2022 10 April 2022
Holiday Intensive Program (Easter) 11 April 2022 22 April 2022
Term 2, 2022 26 April 2022 26 June 2022
Holiday Intensive Program (Winter) 27 June 2022 08 July 2022

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What does the Squad program involve?

The Squad program at our swim school in Moorabbin and our other locations is designed for children who have been assessed as ready to move on from the Advanced 3 level. At both Junior Squad and Squad level, our coaches work through a planned program in each term, with a week in each term dedicated to one of the four competitive strokes, with time trials throughout. At Junior Squad level, the focus is on improving each of the strokes, increasing distance but still maintaining form. At Squad level, swimmers continue to develop technique, with focus being on increasing speed, efficiency, and endurance. Race techniques are also introduced at Squad level.

What is the purpose of the Squad program?

In addition to introducing swimmers to the four competitive strokes, and helping to improve speed and technique, our Squad program also serves as an elite pathway into Swim Clubs for students who wish to pursue competitive swimming further. Our Squad program was designed in collaboration with gold medallist, Kelly Stubbins, and is led by dedicated coaches at our swim school in Moorabbin and other locations. When you enrol your child to learn to swim at Moorabbin, you can speak to our Swim School Manager about the Squad program and our other swim lesson levels.

How big is each swim class at Moorabbin?

We limit the size of each class to ensure that each child receives an equal amount of attention from the instructors. Our infant swimming lessons at Moorabbin and other locations are limited to a maximum of 8 children at each level. Our children’s swimming lessons at Beginner and Intermediate level have no more than 4 children per class, while at Advanced level we work on a 1:6 teacher student ratio. Speak to the Aquastar Swim School Manager at your preferred location about the size of training groups at Squad level.

Are swim school classes also scheduled during holidays?

No kids swimming lessons are scheduled at Moorabbin or our other locations on public holidays, and all swim school terms are scheduled to coincide with school terms, with no regular swimming lessons happening during school holidays. However, we do have a separate School Holiday Program for swimming lessons, and the Swim School Manager will be able to advise you of any of these programs that might be suitable for your child, and what the cost of them will be.

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