The Importance of Proper Swim Technique for Children


Most children love spending time in the water; it’s an enjoyable social activity, not to mention the perfect way to cool down on a hot day! However, there is more to swimming than simply having fun and keeping cool – and many of these additional benefits are unlocked by learning how to swim using correct technique.

Proper technique saves lives

It’s no secret that lifeguards are well-versed in correct swimming techniques; being confident and efficient in the water is essential when it comes to saving lives.

For children, learning correct technique helps them to move more efficiently through the water, stay afloat and breathe correctly, all of which reduce their risk of becoming exhausted and drowning in an emergency scenario.

Improved confidence

As children learn how to move efficiently and gracefully through the water, they will feel more at ease and in control of their movements – ultimately resulting in greater confidence. This increased self-assurance will not only help them in turn become better swimmers, but also boost their self-esteem and overall sense of wellbeing. Having confidence in their swimming ability through correct technique is important in social situations, as it allows children to participate in a far wider range of water-based activities.

Improved physical health

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that helps to build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. However, to reap the maximum benefits of swimming, it is essential to use proper swim technique; this ensures that children are using the correct muscles and movements, which reduces the risk of injury and allows them to get the most out of their swim sessions.

Proper technique also makes time in the water more comfortable and enjoyable, increasing the likelihood of children adopting the activity for life – whether they take up swimming as a sport, for general fitness, or perhaps they’ll join the ‘Iceberger’ ranks and take up open-water swimming as a therapeutic pursuit! Either way, adopting a physical activity for life is a great way to maintain good health.

Open up sporting pathways

Not everyone aspires to be an Olympic swimmer, but the truth is you never know what your potential is at any given sport unless you give it a go! By supporting your child to learn correct technique in the pool, it provides the opportunity for talent to be unearthed. Of course, your child may be more than content as the fastest kid in their swim class without feeling the need to push their talent further – but for some kids, the discovery of a sporting gift, when combined with a passion for the sport, can set an exciting journey in motion!

A focus on technique

Proper swim technique is essential for children to develop strong swimming skills, stay safe in and around water, and reap the many physical and mental benefits of swimming. Parents should encourage their children to learn proper technique and provide them with access to high-quality swimming instruction.

Aquastar Swim Schools offers swimming lessons for all ages and abilities, including a Squad Program that caters for more advanced swimmers who wish to master the various different strokes. There is no better way for your child to learn proper swim technique and become competent and confident in the water.

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